How It Works

Earn Cash



All day, every day in our stores, we pay you CASH On-the-Spot, right over the counter, to purchase your better brand-name, gently-used fashions and accessories. Unlike a consignment shop, where you may wait weeks or even months to receive payment, we are different in that we pay you immediately for all of the items that we accept.

At this time, our Charlotte Arboretum location is accepting one bag per customer per day. To ensure the safekeeping of your items, please make sure that your bag/bin/tote is not overflowing.  Please make sure to bring a valid ID with you upon check in.  We do ask that you come back the same day after dropping off to save room for other guests to have space for their items also.  Questions about what we are taking?  Give us a call before you come!  We want you to have a great experience selling to us, so let us tell you what we are currently looking for before you hit the road! 


Our buying hours are Monday-Friday 11 AM- 5 PM, Saturday 11 AM- 4 PM, and on Sundays we are not able to accept buys. 

We Buy Items That are Clean, In Style, and In Great Condition.

We appreciate that your life is busy, so our buying process is automated by our computer system. This makes selling us the items that you no longer need or use… convenient, efficient, and rewarding. Maybe you have changed jobs, changed sizes, or simply changed your mind… If you are not wearing it, get CASH for it! So clean out your closet and bring your items into our stores. We are looking for Women’s clothing sizes 0-26, shoes, accessories and handbags.  Your closet will thank you for it, and you will pick up some new-found money.

Items we buy
We buy accessories, athletic wear, blouses, boots, capris, leggings, designer denim, designer handbags, dresses, jackets, jeans, jewelry, long sleeve tops, plus size apparel, purses, sandals, scarves, shoes, short sleeve tops, shorts, skirts, sweaters, tank tops and so much more! 

Once you get to Clothes Mentor, we will go through your items and prepare a quote. 
When we are preparing a quote for your items we are pricing the items using our cutting edge computer system. We will need your identification to get started and process your buy more efficiently, so remember to bring it with you.  We price items at about 1/3 of the original retail and then we will offer you roughly around 25-30% of that. Once we have reviewed and entered in all of the items we are able to purchase from you, we will present you with an offer. The time to process your items depends on the number of buys ahead of you. If you choose to accept the offer you will be paid CASH On-the-Spot or you can apply that cash toward any purchase you make.

Three Easy Steps



Sort through the clothes and accessories you no longer wear. We’re looking for current styles in like-new or “gently used” condition. 

Our buyers review your items based on style, condition, brand name, and what’s in demand. 

For the items we keep, we’ll give you CASH On-the-Spot.


 See it’s EASY! So get started… your closet and your wallet will thank you! Best of all you can feel good that you are recycling! Remember we are looking for women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories that are in “gently-used” and like-new condition. Thanks for taking the time to read these quick tips and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Buying Tips!